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A Thai Massage Center in the heart of Rome near to the Termini Station, easily reachable from anywhere in the city.
Expert masseuses will be happy to demonstrate the benefits that this technique brings to the body and mind!
Wat Poo Massage is a massage practiced by the Buddhist Monks of Thailand. It has been handed down from master and pupil for over 2500 years.
Combines the acupressure points of Chinese Medicine with an assisted stretching inspired by Indian Yoga, which opens up the body energetically and physically.
The purpose of traditional Thai massage is, both for those who practice it and for those who receive it, to achieve a state of "lightness" and an emotional and spiritual elevation.
Its origins are lost in mystery, but it seems that derives from a combination of Indian Ayurvedic Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine, is a treatment highly sought after for its extraordinary ability to give flexibility, vigor and new lifeblood to those who undergo at the sessions of this refined massage.
TAO THAI MASSAGE  via Magenta 14/A - 00185 Roma Tel.064466581  Email: taothaimassageroma@gmail.com